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DIGBYS was born in Carlton, Melbourne in early 1972, and it grew stocking the best local labels at that time. By the early 1980’s the DIGBY customer was demanding something different, something more exclusive, and that gave birth to DIGBYS  the brand. 

Meanwhile over 35 years later, the brand has never looked better and more relevant. This is a result of the total commitment and dedication to the range and the customers, season after season. 

The philosophy at DIGBYS is to give the best of service and to compliment and enhance the customer’s look and personality, without taking over. The customer is successful and confident and likes to reward herself with style and quality. The range has remained true to itself over decades. Modern, current, exclusive fabrics, quality, made totally in Australia, and always representing good value.  DIGBYS has an extensive and very loyal customer base and is now ready to go “ on line” to enhance the service. 

Charlie Digby, the founder, is still today just as passionate today as day one. Together with his talented and multi tasking partner Johan Greig and a very loyal long standing team. During it’s close to half century of existence, integrity and passion to product and customer has remained a integral part of the DNA at DIGBYS.

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