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A half century, it is one hell of a journey.

In 1972 Gough Whitlam was our Prime Minister, a coffee was 48c and a litre of petrol was 25c. A lot has changed.

But for me, one thing has remained constant - my passion for the fashion industry, my passion for style, for fabrics, for tailoring, for quality.

I stopped counting at 40/45 times my trips to Paris and through Italy to buy the latest fabrics
and bring back the looks for our DIGBYS customers.

Contemporary and modern without a 'use by date'.
A European look in exclusive European fabrics.
Made locally in Melbourne, Australia.

I am motivated by our customer response and the loyalty over all those decades. For many, you could say it is a fan club. 
Would not be here without that customer loyalty and the effort and commitment of our longstanding loyal team.



Charlie Digby


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