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Thank You from Charlie Digby

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Hope you are all well and looking forward to gaining back more of the lifestyle we used to enjoy.
I want to thank you for the support you have given us during this difficult time. The response has been overwhelming.
Our shops have now re-opened and our team are ready to re-connect with you, in-store and online 24/7. Naturally. COVID-19 protocol will apply at all times. Regarding our Sydney and Canberra Trunk Show customers... we miss you, and Michelle, Joanne and I will be back as soon as we are allowed.

We will win because that is what we do.
Personally, I have never been more passionate and motivated to keep on producing beautiful quality garments and offering second to none service to our customers.

So, on behalf of Johan, our dedicated team and myself, we thank you again, and let's be positive and go for it.
One day we will look back at these times and will make some interesting dinner and bed-time conversations.

Charlie Digby

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