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We hope you are in good health and coping with our current challenge.

Just to inform you, we at DIGBYS have temporarily closed our shop at Collins Place (Sofitel Hotel), but are open at Malvern Rd Hawksburn Village and Lygon St Carlton, Mon-Sat 10-5, at this point in time. We are adhering to safety protocol for the protection of our team and our customers. And for those visiting our shops please use sanitiser provided, and maintain social distancing.

The reason our shops are open is to help business survive, and very importantly, to save jobs. It is a fight for survival for many businesses large and small, and ours is included. There is confusion out there, there is concern, there is frustration and even anger. However, we all need to focus on flattening the curve, again. That is the only way we can come out of this predicament and restore some degree of the life and lifestyle that we have enjoyed in Australia in the past.

Of course, expenditure has been affected, for some more than others. But wherever you can, buy local, buy Australian made, support local cafes, eateries and grocers when you can. Help to keep profits in Australia. Support family businesses.

DIGBYS was founded in 1972, which is only 2 years short of half a century, and we want to see that milestone. We are proud to produce totally in Australia – supporting local makers and suppliers. We want to keep our dedicated, professional team employed, because they deserve it. The service they give to our loyal customers equals our product. As does the rest of our concept.

Taking responsibility and ownership… that’s me. Charlie Digby. I subscribe to passion and commitment. My concept is style, quality, service, exclusivity and value for the hard-earned dollar. Through thick and thin, and there has been a lot of thick and thin over the decades, I want to stay true and be there for my team and my customer. Stay safe and be kind.


Thank you, our customer. Without you there would be no DIGBYS.

And thank you to our incredible team.


Charlie Digby


P.S. If anyone has a need or wish to contact me personally, by all means:


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